Modalities used at Reiki Haus are:

Paula may use a combination of the following modalities that she is trained in during your treatment:

  • Reiki, both Japanese and Western techniques
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Quantum Touch
  • Touch for Health
  • Silva Mind Method
  • Shamanic methods such as soul retrieval, restoration of lost power, psychic surgery, and clearning of negatives energies
  • Eden Energy Medicine
  • Jewish Healing methods
NOTE: Reiki Haus now uses a BioMat and BioPillow for all treatments. The heat is not turned up to therapeutic levels, but the amethyst and tourmaline do enhance the treatments.
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The Reiki Room
The Reiki Room

Reiki is a Japanese form of hands-on energy healing, shown to be effective in helping people to heal on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Reiki is especially effective in alleviating pain and stress, and is being used in hospital programs and hospices throughout Europe and the United States for this reason.

What to Expect During a Treatment:
Treatments can be done either with the client sitting up or laying on a massage. The client is fully clothed, and may be asked to remove watches (they may stop), jewelry, metal framed eye glasses, etc. The body is scanned to detect imbalances, and hands are placed on or above the body in specific locations that correspond to the body's energy fields. The client's private parts are never touched, and the hands are placed above these areas.

Relaxing music is usually played, but this is not mandatory. The client usually feels a sense of peace and relaxation.  

With chronic symptoms, a course of four Reiki treatments is recommended to begin with, followed by a reassessment.

Charges for Services:

Reiki Treatments
1 hour                  - $80 per hour
Package of four hour-long treatments - $240**
Distant treatments - $40

** Please note that chronic conditions usually require at least 4 treatments to show improvement. It took a while to get out of balance, so it does take time to get it back into balance. This package is intended to be used by one person, not split between several.

Reiki Haus also uses the BioMat with the BioMat pillow during Reiki treatments. For more information, please see

To set up an appointment with me, please call (616) 283-6339, text, or email me at

Reiki Classes 
Students will receive certificates for Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Gendai Reiki Ho (one Japanese and one English translation). A manual is printed for each student, and is included in the cost.

Shamanic services
Sometimes there is a need for spiritual healing that is faster and better accomplished through Shamanic methods. Paula is an experienced shamanic practitioner, and teaches shamanic journeying. Jewish Kabbalistic soul retrieval is especially effective. At this time these services are charged at the same rate as the Reiki services.