My recent Soul Retrieval Session is just what I had needed.   I had been struggling for a very long time with my dysfunctional childhood and was in need of help.  Paula suggested the Jewish Kabbalah Soul Retrieval consisting of eight chants.  I must admit that going into this I was a bit skeptical that 2 hours would or could heal such a broken part of me. Nonetheless I found the results more than I had expected.   During the session I was taken far back into my childhood and was able to meet up with myself as a child. I was able to let my child self  know that he was safe and that the fears would no longer be a part of his life.  Before the sessions end I was able to send my child self on, smiling and happier than he had ever been.
I would recommend the Soul Retrieval to anyone in search of their true innocent soul.
Stephen Runkle
I attended the Beginning Shamanism class with Paula Bojsen recently and would not hesitate to recommend this class to others. Paula’s knowledge and skill with guiding attendees in their initial experiences at journeying quickly built a high level of safety and trust, which is critical when being introduced to Shamanic work.  Although the class was completed in one afternoon, people left with a good working knowledge of not only how to communicate with their Guides and Teachers but also what their individual next steps should be in their journey of enlightenment. I feel grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time with Paula and learn from her vast knowledge and wisdom.  It is hard for me to imagine a more supportive environment on the path of learning Shamanism and I look forward to attending the next class. 

Thank you, again.

Joy Vander Ven
I recently attended the Beginning Shamanism class at Reiki Haus, taught by Paula Bjosen. Paula has wonderful teaching presense and a very warm and open personality.  I felt she was very adept at getting to the focus of what needed to be taught to be able to begin shamanic journeying.  All information was presented in a way that was applied to actual "hands-on" learning, which made the information so much easier to keep in memory for later use! I highly recommend this class and have recommended it to several friends.  Also, I do plan to attend another beginning class to hone the skills learned. I am looking forward to intermediate classes in shamanism in the future.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class!

Jeannie Vos
Reiki Master
Animal Path Reiki Practitioner
Paula knows her stuff. I really enjoyed learning all the diferent parts of Reiki. I trust Paula completely with the info she provided me. You feel the power the minute you walk in the room. Thank you very much and I look forward to more classes from you.

Dee P.
I had a beautiful experience receiving the gifts of Reiki from a very well educated teacher, in a pleasing environment. Paula had a beautiful balance of history, knowledge, technique, skill, tradition, and energy. Thank you!

Marion K.
I have taken both Usui and Gendai Reiki with Paula, and I have found that as a teacher she is patient, funny, and wants to ensure that you leave knowing the information. Further, each class is filled with a wealth of information but the classes have been designed in such a way that it all gets covered during the class time, which includes practicing giving a Reiki session, attunement on each other and in some cases on Paula as well.  The practice sessions are simply amazing and quite effective.

Additionally, Paula is always ready to offer support once the class has finished, be it simply words of encouragement, offering suggestions on how to use Reiki to help positive affect certain conditions, and the like.

If you’re considering taking a class or receiving a treatment you cannot go wrong at Reiki Haus.

Michael Cummings
Paula’s teaching is remarkable like I anticipated. It was informative, flowing and fun. I truly enjoyed learning about Reiki and have continued to use it on myself and husband for several years now. I have used it recently for a specific knee pain which I had thought I might need to see a doctor for. I consider the healing of my knee a true gift of Reiki. (Please note reiki is not a substitute for seeking medical help at times.)

Sherry K.
Holland, MI

Everyone should find their own way through the Reiki experience, but in reading Paula’s web page, I found the way she expressed herself just felt right. I had high expectations, and was not disappointed. Paula teaches a very well-rounded traditional class and pays close attention to the needs of her students. Another convincing feature was the strength of the attunements. In terms of what I visualized and experienced, the attunements were extremely strong and vivid. I won’t go into details as everyone will have their own experience, but each attunement seemed to build upon the previous one and made sense for the purpose of the attunement.  Thanks in large part to Paula’s teaching, that type of experience continues even after the class.    – Steve R
Attending the Reiki I and Reiki II classes at Reiki Haus, ranks with my top 5 life changing experiences. The classes far exceeded my expectations and will have a life-long impact in all aspects of my day-to-day living. I would recommend this class to anyone who seeks to connect with their inner spirituality and find their calling and direction in life. We all have our spiritual paths within us and when enlightenment comes, the journey can begin. My paths have been clarified thanks to Paula at Reiki Haus. I plan on furthering my enlightenment with future classes that she offers. 
Marilyn R.
RE: Clearing of Negative Energies
We purchased an old farmhouse last summer, and I immediately felt like I was sharing the home with someone else. I could hear voices of people talking yet no one else was there, smell cigarette smoke in a home of non-smokers, felt like I was being watched, and my dogs would occasionally growl at something that I couldn't see. After several months of these experiences, I decided I needed professional help. I shared my story with a friend, who didn't dismiss me as many other people. Instead she referred me to Paula.

I contacted Paula via email, and she replied immediately. She took my concerns seriously. Paula made it easy to schedule a time that worked for me, and the price was well within reason. When she came to my house, she took time to sit down with me and listen to my experiences and to answer questions.  Also, during the ceremony, she did a thorough job of covering all the bases. After the ceremony was done, and my house immediately felt lighter.
It has been a few months since the ceremony, and my house remains a positive place with a much lighter feel. I haven't had a single experience like I previously did, and even my animals are more relaxed. We had a contractor do work on our home before and after
Paula's ceremony. He wasn't even aware of the issues we were having, and even he noted a difference in the home. He admitted to feeling like there was hand on his shoulder during his pre-ceremony visit. He felt much better when he returned after the ceremony.

Finally, nearly a year after purchasing the home, I can finally enjoy where I am living instead of being afraid of my own home. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with feeling like there is someone else sharing your home - it may seem like everyone you tell laughs at you, but Paula took my concerns seriously. She was
professional, approachable and easy to work with and did an excellent job making me feel better in my own home.

Jill B
Holland, MI