My name is Paula Bojsen, and I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Gendai Reiki Shihan (the only one in West Michigan) that practices and teaches Reiki in Holland, Michigan.
I received my first Reiki Master training with Lisa W. Lee, and went on to receive Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Reiki Master Teacher training with William Rand. My Gendai Reiki training was completed by Mark Brewer. 

I am a lifelong learner, and constantly work to increase my knowledge of Reiki - including the original Japanese techniques that include the Reiki  editations - and the scientific basis for energy therapies. I have spent countless hours studying different energy therapies and the enegetic body. I have also formally trained in and received certification when available in Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum TouchCore Shamanism (advanced), Jewish Shamanism, Jewish HealingTouch for Health I and II, and Donna Eden Energy techniques. I teach classes in Shamanic journeying because I have found that this is a powerful way to access one's inner knowing to solve problems and get information.

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University, with a degree in English, and a minor in Economics. Being an "Air Force brat" I've lived all over the world, including France, Libya, Lebanon, and moved back to the U.S. in January of 1999 after living 12 years in Stavanger, Norway. I now speak, read and write fluent Norwegian.
I came to Reiki through Aikido, a Japanese martial art that I practiced for many years (both employ the use of "ki"), and desperation. As the mother of a child with adoption issues, I had to find something that would help her heal. I found that in Reiki. I found even greater healing in Shamanic methods.

It is difficult to express the wonderful changes that Reiki has brought to my life, and that of my family. Reiki is primarily about spiritual development, with the ability to heal yourself and others as a side benefit. Reiki will help release the negativity in your life, and helps to attract positive energy and situations. You will be able to make many positive changes in your life, and the energy shifts that occur will also help you to develop your gifts, and put you on the path to be what it is you were meant to be in this life. Each individual responds to Reiki a bit differently than everyone else. It meets you where you are in life, and helps you to move to where you want to go. There is no better gift that you can give yourself.