This is what you will learn in each class at Reiki Haus

Reiki I (Gendai)

This is a one-day intensive that includes:

+ Four Usui traditional attunements
+ The history of Reiki
+ Basic Reiki healing
+ The Reiki hand positions
+ Giving a complete Reiki treatment to yourself and others
+ Japanese techniques for
      Sending a thought or changing bad thought habits
      Energy purification, or cleaning and energy boosting of an
      Reiki to the elements
      Healing on animals, plants
      Self-purifying and spiritual growth methods
+ Breathing of the Light technique for reducing stress and purifying mind/body
+ Gassho breathing technique
+ Reiki Shower
+ Breathing technique to activate the chakras

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and practice. Practice includes giving and receiving Reiki using the various hand positions and technqiues.

While we do practice in class, it is emphasized and expected that you will practice after the class is over. This is necessary to gain experience and confidence, to increase your sensitivity to the Reiki energies and how they work, and to increase your experience in sensing Hibiki or impediments to the energy flow.

$ 100 if taken alone
$ 250 for Reiki I and II combined

Reiki II (Gendai)

This is a one-day intensive that includes:

+ Three Usui traditional attunements, one for each symbol
+ Reiki symbols and kotadamas
+ How to use each symbol (healing of past, Reiki to the future, distant healing, etc.)
+ Japanese techniques
      Detoxifying techniques
      Healing with breath and eyes
      Navel technique
      Healing according to Hibiki
      Hatsurei Ho meditation
      Self cleansing technique
      Sending light to your cells
+ How to use Reiki II for practitioners

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and practice. Practice includes giving and receiving Reiki using the various technqiues taught in the class.

$ 150 if taken alone
$ 250 for Reiki I and II combined

Reiki Master (Gendai)
This is a two-day intensive that includes:

+ Usui Master attunement
+ Instruction on how to give full Reiki attunements for Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master.
+ How to give Reiju
+ Lots of practice giving attunements
+ The values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master
+ The basics on starting a Reiki business
+ Please see Gendai Reiki Ho tab for more information.

You are taught how to give traditional Usui Reiki attunements. These attunements are very simple, and do not require special breathing techniques, visualizations, or contracting the hui yin as Western attunement techniques require. Everyone gives and receives attunements many times during practice, and a class manual is included that includes all of the steps. This class is a powerful healing experience.

Cost - $500 with a $150 nonrefundable desposit to save your place

NOTE regarding deposits:
If a class is cancelled for any reason (inclemen weather, illness, etc.) then you will get your deposit refunded 100%.

Touch for Health I - Darcy Lewis

Touch for Health I: Introduces the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both lay-people and professionals. You will learn the core techniques of muscle testing for the primary 14 energy meridians and you will learn the standard balance-as-you-go technique for balancing the body's energies. The theory of TFH and the acupuncture meridians are introduced with the western reflex techniques that are used to restore balance for dramatically improving posture, alleviating pain and stress, and for enhancing vitality and mental performance. 

TFH Level I: 15-16 hours - No Prequisite

  • History of Touch for Health and Energy Kinesiology
  • Opposing Muscle Theory
  • Triangle of Health
  • Prechecks:
    1. Accurate Indicator Muscle
    Hydration Check
    Central Meridian Check
  • Touch for Health Balancing Techniques:
    1. Neurolymphatic Reflex Points
    2. Neurovascular Holding Points
    3. Energy Meridians
    4. Muscle Challenging
    5. Muscle Origin-Insertion Technique
    6. Spinal Reflexes
    7. Over-facilitated Muscles
    8. Emotional Stress Release
    9. Using Food to Strengthen the Body
  • Other Balancing Techniques:
    1. Cross Crawl for Fun
    2. Auricular Energy
    3. Visual Inhibition
    4. Simple Pain Techiques
    5. Surrogate Testing
    6. Posture Awareness
    7. Goal Balancing
    8. Emotional Stress Release
    9. 'Balance-As-You-Go' Balancing Technique
  • Muscle tests and Corrections for 14 primary muscles and meridians:
    1. Supraspinatus - Central Meridian
    2. Teres Major - Governing Meridian
    3. Pectoralis Major Clavicular - Stomach Meridian
    4. Latissimus Dorsi - Spleen
    5. Subscapularis - Heart
    6. Quadriceps - Small Intestine
    7. Peroneus - Bladder
    8. Psoas - Kidney
    9. Gluteus Medius - Circulation / Sex
    10. Teres Minor - Triple Warmer
    11. Anterior Deltoid - Gall Bladder
    12. Pectoralis Major Sternal - Liver
    13. Anterior Serratus - Lung
    14. Fascia Lata - Large Intestine

Class Sponsorship Program

I am finding that there are many people who would like to take Reiki, but there are no qualified teachers are available in their area. If you are interested in receiving Reiki training in exchange for organizing a class, Reiki Haus has a program for that!

In order to be eligible for this program, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

-  Recruit and register 5 to 10 students
-  Provide a space for the class.
-  Be the contact person for the class

If you are interested in this program, please contact me using the "Contact Us" button for more information. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive guidance on how to organize and advertise a Reiki class. 


Beginning Shamanic Journeying -

In this class in Core Shamanism where you will learn to journey to the upper and lower worlds to meet your power animals and teachers. The shamanic journey takes you to the dimension of Spirit, a non-ordinary reality that is all around us, but which lies just beyond our everyday perception.

Journeying boosts the immune system, energizes the spirit, and is unparalleled as a wisdom tool. Answers to any questions, concerns, or issues that you might have are within your reach once you have learned the technique of the shamanic journey. Journeying provides a direct connection to Spirit that will help you bring calm, peace, and insight into your everyday life.